Jacqui Farbrace, XILANT-XO

XILANT-XO Fire & Security Systems
c/o Flat 4
64 Northwood Road
People and businesses that require fire extinguishers. For businesses that require an assessment and or maintenance of fire extinguishers. For

Business Description

Xilant-Xo is an online shop supplying Fire Extinguishers and associated products.

We specialise in the Firexo Fire Extinguisher which has a unique formula that allows one extinguisher to be used on any fire type. 

This is not only cost saving but also gives confidence in using a fire extinguisher as the user can not select the wrong type when faced with a fire.

for more information visit our website or give drop me a message where I will be happy to have a chat.

My Recommendations

Thanks to Jacqui, and Xilant-XO, my family members are now protected against the effects of pan fires with the easy to use FireXO sachets. It's opened conversations on the importance of having a 500ml extinguisher too. A small price to pay for the safety of your loved ones! Jacqui knows her stuff and I highly recommend having a chat, so she can advise on the best products for your individual circumstances.

from Lydia Sollitt