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Company:Pestbusters East Kent
Category:Pest Control
Address:27 Artillery Road
CT11 8PT
Telephone:01843 639413
Mobile:07495 517602
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Business Description

PestBusters East Kent is a local, family run company with decades of experience of a natural, organic and sustainable approach to pest control.

PestBusters East Kent

The PestBusters East Kent team comprises those on both two and four legs, and now with a bird of prey too. Our team of dogs and ferrets are a part of our family and live with us in Ramsgate, East Kent. When they aren't hard at work, the team likes to play on the beach or go for a nice stroll in the woods.

Most of our work is done in Margate, Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Canterbury and the surrounding Kent countryside.

Take a look at our website, to see some of our work and also comments received from our valued customers and also the recommendations I have received from BoB Club members who describe, in their own words, the work I have undertaken on their behalf.

Our Team

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01843 639413
07495 517602