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Introductions to parents of children with special needs

What's Happening?

Business Description

Group music therapy encourages appreciation, motivates creativity and builds awareness of self and other for young and old. Living with Harmony offers exceptional and high quality music therapy services and specialises in group music therapy.

Music therapy provides a medium for communication -like another language. This is especially beneficial for children or adults who find words hard to use or not always making sense. The brain is able to effectively process musical meanings and music therapists use this ability to enable the person to access their abilities to make relationships and enjoy creative expression.

For children music therapy can:

  • Encourage communication
  • Improve motor skills
  • Build confidence
  • Stimulate playful interactions

For Adults music therapy can

  • Improve mood and mental well being
  • Increase alertness
  • Stimulate memory
  • Support rehabilitation

Living with Harmony use their unique approach, in the context of a strong evidence base for music therapy, to make the transformational potential of music available  in many settings including schools, hospitals, care homes and private homes.

My Recommendations

*Great* lead, Meta, to the Winchester GP Practice. One of the doctors there will now be passing me referrals as she feels appropriate.

from Ian Bartlett

I have experienced a music session with Meta and my grandchildren and was really impressed by her professionalism and ability to engage with all ages in a fun and friendly way. The kids visibly relaxed and were so keen to join in. Fabulous!

from Wendy Blackman

Accreditations & Qualifications

Meta Killick

HCPC registed Music Therapist

MA in Music Therapy

Alistair Clarkson

HCPC registered Music Therapist

1st Class Hons BA Music

Dip MT Cardiff