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Wanted:- I am looking for small to medium-sized businesses that are maybe struggling with their admin load, or don't want to commit to an employee

Business Description




Our aim is to help other small and medium size businesses to be as streamlined and as
profitable as possible by removing the back office admin load remotely, and helping them to
work in a less stressed and more productive time-efficient way.
How we achieve this:-
We are able to carefully tailor our work, to each individual company and make sure they are
getting the best value for money, by listening to what the issues are and working with the
business owner to reduce and organise the routine admin tasks.
Generally, after the initial push, we aim to reduce our hours to a maintenance level or hand on
a completed project or a more streamlined process to you or your staff, if that is what you
If you do well, we do well!
We offer practical solutions to help businesses reach their potential by seeing how valuable
good and timely administration is. You can free yourself from onerous back-office
administration and you will wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.