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Expert LinkedIn Profile Writing | Personal Branding | Expert Economy Event - Thursday 12th October, Portsmouth.

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Expert LinkedIn Profile Writer - How to Get Leads & What to Do With Them

Based in Hampshire UK, but serving clients Globally. 

Your LinkedIn profile is your window to the world. In an era of information overload our human brains are programmed to stereotype and pigeonhole people in a matter of seconds, so if you want to make a lasting impression, having an engaging LinkedIn profile that speaks directly to your audience is imperative.

During the last four years I’ve provided hundreds of LinkedIn profile reviews and written 100+ LinkedIn profiles for Solo-Entrepreneurs, Thought-Leaders, Sales Teams, Small Businesses and CEOs. 

What I’ve found is that not only do most people undersell themselves, but their LinkedIn profile and sales strategy is not actually set up to win them business. In fact, they are missing vital business components that, if put in place, would dramatically change their results. 

At TheProfile.Company this is exactly what we do. 

We help you develop your online and offline strategy for generating leads, and then know what to do with them. 

Together we’ll create:
✶ A compelling call to action that your most ideal prospects won't be able to refuse
✶ Profitable packages that create the income and life style you want
✶ A structured approach to sales appointments that will feel natural and easy to do 
✶ A content strategy that will help you engage your prospects at every stage of their buying journey
✶ And a LinkedIn profile that brings it all together

I began TheProfile.Company because I am passionate about helping small businesses and sales teams succeed. The world is changing and more than ever people want to do business with people they know, like and trust. 

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms available, allowing us to leverage the trust in our network, position ourselves as industry experts and engage our prospects in helpful conversations. I believe it has the power to radically change any business. In fact, I’ve seen it happen with my clients.

If you’re interested in learning more then I invite you as a member of BoBs to request a 30-minute LinkedIn profile review with myself. I'll be happy to learn about your business and give you all the tips and insights you need in order to do it yourself. If you do wish me to help you though, we can talk about it. You are welcome to view my packages here

Accreditations & Qualifications

Key Person of Influence Course with Daniel Priestley, www.Dent.Global

Diploma in Advanced Coaching from the Coaching Academy

CIPD Specialist Electives

BSc Business Studies from University of Wales, Swansea