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Colbe Consulting
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Colbe Consulting Safeguarding Consultant
104 Bolton Road West
Businesses with a CSR team who work alongside vulnerable adults or young people.

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Safeguarding Behaviour Consultant

Colbe are here to assist businesses who work with young people or vulnerable adults either through community work, work experience, school visits, site visits or employment.  We give confidence to you and your team to work alongside these people knowing the behaviours to adapt to safeguard yourselves and more importantly make sure both parties get the best out of the experience.

Rather than offer generic, legislation based sessions, Colbe find out the specifics of the interactions you and your team will have and work specifically to them.

  • If you are going from one site to another, do you give the young person a lift?  If so, how to do it safely.
  • A young person comes into your enclosed office and sits down to enthusiastically ask you a question.  Now a vulnerable situation, how do you keep the enthusiasm, answer the question but also remove the risk?


Using experiences in education we can offer behavioural management techniques, as good a project manager you may be, the thought of presenting to a group of thirty 7/10/14 years olds can be very daunting.  Have you given your team the skills they need to do this?

  • How do you stop the child tapping their pen and distracting everyone without creating a challenge/conflict situation?
  • How do you save a session that is going wrong because it is too easy/difficult/boring?

If you have work experience students, do you have a specific plan for them that means you will not only reduce safeguarding risks but also mean that everybody knows where they are and what they are doing?  Why no tie in the package to meet the national curriculum?