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Classroom Kitchen

Service provided by Innovative Education Ltd

Designed to fully support Primary Schools in the delivery of Cooking and Nutrition within their Curriculum!

James Deveney is the Founder and Director of Innovative Education Ltd. With years of experience teaching in primary schools, being a subject leader and Healthy Schools coordinator, James created the business with the purpose of supporting schools with hassle-free solutions to delivering specialist subject areas. The initial service of Innovative Education Ltd came in the form of Classroom Kitchen!

Classroom Kitchen supports primary schools with the delivery of Cooking and Nutrition within their curriculum. Initially, we supported schools by attending to deliver cookery classes. We took all of the equipment, ingredients and resources necessary to deliver high quality cooking and nutrition sessions! However, we wanted to help primary schools to become confident in teaching cookery and nutrition lessons themselves. Considering this, we developed CK Online


CK Online is a teacher resource VLE to help primary schools to deliver their own cooking and nutrition curriculum. This EdTech, supports schools with 'Play and Pause' videos that teach the cookery lessons for them. Alongside this, we have downloadable lesson plans, follow up activities, nutritional powerpoints and the lesson's recipe to send home with the children! We are aware that some primary school teachers do not feel confident in teaching a whole class cookery session. Our system supports that by making the teacher the facilitator but at the same time, helps them to train as the lessons progress. We have a whole library of CPD videos, articles and other resources to help your school teachers to feel confident teaching this important subject!

Another issue for primary schools is time within their already busy curriculum! We have solved this too! With CK Online, every year group (1-6) will cook once a half term! As well as that, we can even deliver the ingredients straight to the door, ready for the lesson, each week!

Lack of equipment? We can sort that too!


The Classroom Kitchen service was built to support schools with this vital subject. Growing up without the skills to cook and the knowledge on why we need to eat well, will lead to unhealthy lifestyles and a growth of the current obesity crisis in the UK. Having been developed by primary teachers, we understand the pressures that schools are already under. Knowing this, we want to take the extra pressure off schools by getting them set up with CK Online and installing our healthy curriculum into theirs!

Get in touch via our website, by phone (01204 205092) or email us at admin@classroom-kitchen.co.uk.