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Any UK business that wants to grow its customer base by using digital marketing. Especially interested in SME content management support.

What's Happening?

Business Description

Silver Foxes is a Digital Marketing agency focusing on CONTENT.

Yes - we can create web sites, produce video's and a range of other technical stuff - but so can loads of developers.

A wide range of businesses both large and small do not get the return on investment they require from their digital presence. It's not because their web site is unattractive - in most cases it is because after investing in digital channels (web site, social media etc) they do nothing with it.

To get the return they deserve - they must work this on a daily, weekly, monthly and periodic basis. It takes resource to do this - but the cost of not doing this is failure.

Silver Foxes does this for their clients. 

We send out daily social media messages, run email campaigns, chair discussion forums, update social media channels, research and write blog articles and ensure the whole digital hub is buzzing!

If you know any company, large or small, who are not getting business (or a decent return) from their digital presence - introduce them to us  - Silver Foxes (Digital) Ltd.

We are based in South London - but are interested in companies all over the country.

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Martin Deal BA Hons, MBA

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Accreditations & Qualifications

Silver Foxes have 3 directors - each with a strong senior management background and a wealth of business experience:

Martin Deal BA (Hons) MBA

Martin is a graduate of City University Business School, London (now CASS Business School). Since graduating in 1980, he has worked in many countries around the world in IT Sales, Strategy, Marketing, Finance and related areas.

Martin specialised in internal audit and has held roles in Operational Audit, Financial Audit, Total Quality Management and Quality Standards in industry (ISO 9000) and education (Quality Assurance Agency).

He is currently a visiting lecturer at City University of London delivering courses in Digital Marketing  and Starting Up in Business for Research and Enterprise, part of the University, School of Business.

In 2016 Martin, in conjunction with two partners, set up Silver Foxes (Digital) Ltd – a digital marketing agency focused on providing growth in the SME sector through proactive digital marketing across a range of digital channels.

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