Tim Pickles, SMART Fire and Security Solutions Ltd

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SMART Fire and Security Solutions Ltd
Member of the Maidstone BoB Club
SMART Fire and Security Solutions Ltd Fire & Security Systems
1 Grove House
Sheldon Way
Grove House
I'm seeking opportunities, leads and contacts with companies requiring security systems - CCTV, fire alarms, intruder alarms and access control.

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Business Description

SMART Fire & Security Solutions is a specialist in the electronic security of commercial, custodial, public sector and residential premises.

Our philosophy is to create best value for our customers through tailored solutions that exceed expectation.

We pride ourselves in project lifecycle management from our first meeting, through the live project and onto continued customer support.

SMART brings the exceptional experience of its design and delivery teams to every project from the very first meeting.

Typical solutions can be limited to a company’s familiarity or commercial arrangement with a supplier and a fear of technology. At SMART, every project is unique with its own solution based upon current technology and delivering best value.

Lifetime cost of ownership, extended warranties and bespoke maintenance agreements bring further value to every project undertaken.