Zoe Smith, Community Driving School C.I.C.

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Community Driving School C.I.C.
Member of the Maidstone BoB Club
Community Driving School C.I.C. Driving School
153 Mortimer Street
I am looking for private pupils who require driving lessons from a patient and caring instructor in the Kent area.

Business Description

We are a driving school with a huge difference as we provide driving lessons to those in poverty in return for community based volunteer work.  A driving licence opens up whole new world of opportunity to someone desperate to get away from poverty, a bad start, homelessness and many other social issues that can befall any one of us.  Through our charity partners we provide sponsored lessons to those who are ready and in need of the scheme.

As a not for profit C.I.C there are many ways that you can help us to maintain this project, and we don't just mean on a financial basis!!

As well as providing the above, we do teach privately with 5% of our lesson fees going back into The Community Driving School, and 5% being donated to the local Pilgrims Hospice.  We cannot expect you to donate to us if we don't look after our own!! 

As a BoB member I am looking for private pupils based in the Kent area, or sponsorship towards The Community Driving School and the pupils that we have waiting for their turn to get their lives back on track.