Taylor O'Hare, ACN

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ACN Security Services
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Business Description

My business allows people to get paid on & provide essential services that people need and use everyday! Whether you're a student looking for new job roles/going into university or a retired person seeking a more relaxed way of life, my business is highly adaptable to the needs of others and can certainly provide a solid level of income on top of whatever it is that you're currently doing.

Potential customers-

  • People who are looking for up to date security for their homes
  • Business owners of any kinds of stores
  • People who want to save money

Ideal candidates-

  • Have work ethic, hunger, integrity & personal power
  • Want to get paid on services they're currently using
  • Need an additional asset income
  • Have a large network of people/business relationships

If there are also any public speaking events which are available to do presentations in, groups of students or tenants that need help saving money please get me in contact with them.